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AT 90, STILL quick-witted but in frail health, Bishop K.
Brett Polegato's youthful Figaro tactfully balanced his quick-witted propelling of the zany action with never upstaging the other principals.
Not one to inflate himself or his research with hyperbolic pronouncements, Randy is nevertheless disarmingly quick-witted.
Aunt Freddie" took no mess--at least not according to my girl friend, Ndela Edwards, one of her grandchildren, Quick-witted and opinionated, she never apologized when harsh.
Through the play's symbolic use of language and the actions of its protagonists Thacker shows that "[r]ole-play is conspicuous as both a mainstay of patriarchal life and a method of quick-witted characters to rebel against that life" (48).
In February, Stevens contacted Rod Ben Zeev, a renowned improvisational acting instructor, to help teach the seniors how to develop the quick-witted timing needed to pull off improv performances.
The quick-witted among you will have spotted that these industries are firing people more rapidly than unemployment is rising.
Although the mistake was rectified in an hour, the quick-witted shoppers had emailed the offer to friends and family.
In conversation, the winner from that shortlist is quick-witted and forceful.
In the decades that followed, Carle churned out 30-plus movies, which included an extravagantly kitsch musical (Fantastica, 1980), classic Quebecois schmaltz (Les Plouffe, 1981), a quick-witted documentary on chess (Jouer sa vie, 1982) and homegrown surrealism (Pudding chomeur, 1996), a candy-coloured tribute to the underclass.
For this series he's back on familiar ground as the quick-witted pantomime dame of a creation who doesn't suffer fools gladly.
The ballet begins in Egypt with Cleopatra luxuriating in her bath, and swiftly moves on to her quick-witted evasion of an assassination attempt by her brother to her triumphant seduction of Caesar and decampment to Rome.