questionable doctor

A physician who has been sanctioned for serious state and federal offences and placed on a list by the Public Citizen’s Health Research Group

questionable doctor

Medtalk A physician who has been sanctioned for serious state and federal offenses and placed on a list by the Public Citizen's Health Research Group. See Impaired physician.

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Q. I took my friend to a doctor and he questioned her about her history of alcohol. My friend who is a county level athlete is a superb runner. We were all sure that she would be selected for high level competitions. Two years back she lost one of the track events and did not make any attempt to try again. Her problem started when she lost her mother during a practice session. This has been very hard on her and has led to a trauma so much so that she has lost her confidence and has started drinking. She has never touched alcohol before in her life and has become such a wreck that I feel so sad for her. When I last met her she was in a bad condition and was drinking more heavily than usual. She did recognize me though and I sat and talk to her for a long time. I took her to a doctor and he questioned her about her history of alcohol. I do not know how long all this is going to take as she has no family members alive and is totally alone. Her dreams have perished and she feels helpless. I will help her all I can with information and whatever else I can do for her apart from the treatment she has started on.

A. I am so happy that you have a helping nature. First of all, let her treatment go on for as long as she needs it, as she needs to regain her lost strength before she makes a comeback as an athlete. It`s very difficult to be by her side all the time though she might need a friend at this desperate juncture since she has lost her dreams. You can support her by admitting her in a rehab center or any other organization that helps alcoholics. I hope she will get well soon.

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In the series, Grint portrays Daniel Glass, an employee who was wrongfully diagnosed with a fatal ailment by a questionable doctor (played by Nick Frost).
org/hrg (Maintains database of questionable doctors in the U.
Respondents emphasized that many protections are in place to protect the public from questionable doctors.
Because we name names and tell facts, regardless of how powerful or intimidating the opposition, Public Citizen [founded by Ralph Nader] is the only organization with the courage to produce Questionable Doctors.
20,125 Questionable Doctors can be purchased in regional editions for $20 each at www.
One publication, Questionable Doctors, is published periodically by Public Citizen, the Washington, D.
But there are those questionable doctors, and the scary fact is fewer than a third of those physicians have had their state medical licenses revoked.
based advocacy group organized to protect consumers rights, published 16,638 Questionable Doctors last March.
Ralph Nader's publication 7,000 Questionable Doctors, gleaned from state medical board computer dumps of sanctioned physicians, has further added to the public's paranoia and demands for justice in medical cases that turned out badly.