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It was not a very choice spot for midnight expeditions, being in truth one of more than questionable character, and of an appearance by no means inviting.
Her son, Mr Henry Gowan, inheriting from his father, the Commissioner, that very questionable help in life, a very small independence, had been difficult to settle; the rather, as public appointments chanced to be scarce, and his genius, during his earlier manhood, was of that exclusively agricultural character which applies itself to the cultivation of wild oats.
The ox--we may venture to assert it on the authority of a great classic--is not given to use his teeth as an instrument of attack, and Tom was an excellent bovine lad, who ran at questionable objects in a truly ingenious bovine manner; but he had blundered on Philip's tenderest point, and had caused him as much acute pain as if he had studied the means with the nicest precision and the most envenomed spite.
Let moralists and philosophers say what they may, it is very questionable whether a guilty man would have felt half as much misery that night, as Kit did, being innocent.
That said, the methodology used in the OIG report on questionable billing practices must be further examined to ensure a clear picture is presented and accurate conclusions are reached.
According to data retrieved by the NICB's Questionable Claims referrals data, there were 116,171 claims deemed "questionable" compared to 100,201 claims in 2011.
Israeli-based IDB Development Corporation, considered to be one of Israel's largest companies, was given just two days to settle with its creditors after a judge hearing a case criticised banks for providing questionable loans.
Linebacker Ray Lewis continues his career send-off, but is also listed as questionable with the same triceps injury that kept him out for most of the regular season.
DE John Abraham (groin), C Todd McClure (knee) and T Sam Baker (back) are rated questionable.
But much of the overtime billing seems questionable because of the rules that allow workers to claim OT even when working within their normal hours.
Once the problematic tenants are determined, the next step is to use a portable testing device such as a "Dranetz" meter to test the questionable submeters.
Think Before You Believe: Modern Day Myths, Questionable Claims, and Uncommon Sense.