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The bark of Quercus alba, white oak or stone oak; formerly used as an astringent.
[L. oak]


plants of the northern temperate zone in the family Fagaceae; oaks; vary from shrubs to great trees. Leaves and acorns are poisonous because of their content of gallotannins. Poisoning is manifested by abdominal pain, thirst, frequent urination, ventral edema and lesions of gastritis and nephritis. Toxic species include Q. aliena, Q. breviloba (Q. durandii), Q. coccinea, Q. cutissima, Q. dentata, Q. douglesii, Q. gambelii, Q. garyanna, Q. glandulifera var. acuteserrata, Q. havardii (shin oak), Q. incana, Q. lobata, Q. marilandica, Q. petraea, Q. prinus, Q. robur (Q. pedunculata), Q. rubra var. borealis, Q. stellata (post oak), Q. variabilis, Q. velutina.
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On October 2017, Law firm Dentons Europe advised Quercus on a deal with the Ministry of Energy in Iran to build and operate a 600MW solar farm in the Middle Eastern country.
De esta forma, este trabajo tiene como objetivo conocer la riqueza especifica del genero Quercus en Tamaulipas y brindar herramientas para su identificacion en dicho estado, para lo cual se proporcionan descripciones, una clave dicotomica y un dibujo para cada especie.
However, with total assets under management of EUR350m ($392m) and current fundraising for three new funds that will reach a minimum target of EUR500m ($559m), Quercus is well positioned to provide assistance in the region.
Basados en el analisis de conglomerados se probaron las diferencias estadisticas entre las asociaciones para los VIR de Pinus, VIR de Quercus y VIR de otras especies; asi como altitud, riqueza de especies, densidad de individuos, area basal, volumen de fustes, biomasa aerea, hojarasca y raices finas.
Acer rubrum, Quercus rubra, and a mix of miscellaneous hardwoods composed the midstory and understory strata.
Quercus laurina (subgenero Erytrobalanus), es un arbol de 10 m a 25 m de alto, tiene hojas deciduas, anchamente lanceoladas u oblanceoladas, de 7 cm a 10 cm de largo por 2,5 cm a 3 cm de ancho; su fruto es una bellota ovoide de 12 mm de largo (De la Paz Perez et al.
Quercus alba is abundant along the river bluffs and up river valleys (Fig.
My favourite variety is Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' which has dark green leaves that are longer and thinner than the English oak but turn a brilliant red in autumn.
The aim of the present study was to investigate the variability in foliar phenolic composition of the following eight Quercus species that are among the most abundant species in the temperate forests of Durango, Mexico: Q.
All these studies evidence that the intra-generic diversity is intimately related with extended introgression in close species from genus Quercus (Rushton, 1993; BACILIERI & al, 1996; RIESEBERG, 1997).