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The bark of Quercus alba, white oak or stone oak; formerly used as an astringent.
[L. oak]


plants of the northern temperate zone in the family Fagaceae; oaks; vary from shrubs to great trees. Leaves and acorns are poisonous because of their content of gallotannins. Poisoning is manifested by abdominal pain, thirst, frequent urination, ventral edema and lesions of gastritis and nephritis. Toxic species include Q. aliena, Q. breviloba (Q. durandii), Q. coccinea, Q. cutissima, Q. dentata, Q. douglesii, Q. gambelii, Q. garyanna, Q. glandulifera var. acuteserrata, Q. havardii (shin oak), Q. incana, Q. lobata, Q. marilandica, Q. petraea, Q. prinus, Q. robur (Q. pedunculata), Q. rubra var. borealis, Q. stellata (post oak), Q. variabilis, Q. velutina.
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The IRR would be 9%-11% for the Quercus Italian Wind fund, which aims to reach 300 MW in its portfolio over two years.
Most forests studied within the Illinois River sand deposits were closed canopy dry sand forests located on dune deposits where Quercus velutina and Q.
Since the early 1900's, the understory of Quercus dominated forests has been invaded by shade-tolerant later successional species, such as Acer rubrum (Abrams 2000), that may eventually replace Quercus dominance in the overstory (Abrams 2000, Lorimer 1985, McGee 1984, Wade et all 2000).
Conclusion: Despite a missing control group, it can be concluded that post-surgical oral Viscum album Quercus preparations may lead to similar results as achieved after post-surgical chemo-therapy in FFS.
Quercus brantii, Quercus infectoria, Acer monspessulanum subsp.
Giorgio Quercus was even more impressive as he comprehensively disposed of his three rivals in the Dick Christian Novices' Chase.
The lawsuits were dismissed in connection with the closing of the first level of an anticipated equity financing by Quercus, Empire Capital, Focus Fund and Robert S.
Quercus alba was most abundant in this area (15% of 53 trees in sample), followed by F.
A common feature for the three species of Roburocoris, which are known from more than one collecting event, is their apparently rather strict affinity to plants of the genus Quercus in concert with rather limited specificity to certain species of oaks.
In conjunction with its capital raise, Standard Renewable Energy is adding three new members to its Board of Directors: David Gelbaum, co-trustee of The Quercus Trust; Peter L.
BA, which has a 10% stake in Iberia, is working with TPG Capital and Spanish funds Vista Capital, Ibersuizas and Quercus Equity.
British Airways said today (22 May) that it has joined TPG Capital, Vista Capital, Inversiones Ibersuizas and Quercus Equity to investigate the possibility of making a consortium offer for Spanish airline Iberia.