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The dried bark of a genus of trees, Aspidosperma quebrachoblanco; white quebracho (family Apocynaceae); has been used as a respiratory stimulant in emphysema, dyspnea, and chronic bronchitis; the two chief alkaloids are aspidospermine and quebrachine.
[Port. quebrahacho, fr. quebrar, to break, + hacha, axe, referring to the hardness of the wood]
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If these findings are replicated in field-scale studies, quebracho tannins could be used in manure pits to reduce the activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria and the amounts of hydrogen sulfide and methane.
0 and 30[degrees]C, the fungus had variable growth in tannic acid- and quebracho tannin- medium and tolerated these tannins up to 150 mg/l without showing any growth inhibition.
10 shows that stage addition of collector was better from the view of combustible recovery with a negligible increment in the ash content, although higher amounts of sodium silicate and quebracho were used.
The Polo Obrero, Cuba-MTR, Movimiento Quebracho y el Territorial Liberacion (MTL), the Movimiento Sin Trabajo (MST) Teresa Vive, and the Bloque Obrero y Popular (BOP) are other elements of the radical wing that has at times allied itself with the Kirchner government but now finds itself starkly at odds with the Partido Justicialista-peronista (PJ) president.
Jeffrey Magruder, 24, was arrested without incident outside his home in the 3000 block of Calle Quebracho in Thousand Oaks, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department said.
1996), and non-volatile substances including astringent tannins such as quebracho (Swihart 1990).
In Argentina, and in many other countries, the most popular way to catch valuable parrots is to cut down their nesting trees, which in Argentina alone accounted for the loss of 100,000 quebracho trees in the 1980s.
The Ghurka signature vintage leather is pure vegetable tanned, entirely free of chemicals, utilizing tanning extracts from Mimosa and Quebracho tree bark and a slow and careful tanning process to produce this soft but durable leather.
The tannin used was condensed ones and in particular Mimosa (Acacia Mearnsii) and Quebracho (Schinopsis Balancae) were the industrial extracts effectively used.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Leader of Argentina's Quebracho party Fernando Esteche underlined that the Zionists masterminded the 1994 bombing of the AMIA center in Buenos Aires in a bid to use it as a pretext against Iran.