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adj. quea·sier, quea·siest also quea·zier or quea·ziest
1. Experiencing nausea; nauseated.
2. Easily nauseated.
3. Causing nausea; sickening: the queasy lurch of an airplane during a storm.
a. Causing uneasiness.
b. Uneasy; troubled.
a. Easily troubled.
b. Ill at ease; squeamish: "He is not queasy about depicting mass violence, in some circumstances, as a legitimate instrument of social transformation" (Shaul Bakhash).

quea′si·ly adv.
quea′si·ness n.
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Patient discussion about queasy

Q. Nausea and Migraine Since yesterday I have migraine and feel very nauseous. I tried to take my regular meds but the nausea still won't go. I can't get to my doctor until tomorrow, and the nausea and migraine is making me feel really bad. Is there anything I can do to treat the nausea? What about OTC meds? Do you know any that may be helpfull?

A. What I do when I have nausea is drinking a can of Coke (the regular, not diet or caffeine-free). If that doesn't help, I have some anti-nausea OTC meds I use.

There are also very good prescription meds, but you need to see the doctor for that.

A friend of mine says that what helps him is drinking very hot water (as hot as he can tolerate), so if other things doesn't help you may want to try this…

Q. Could nausea harm the baby? Hi everyone, I am in first trimester end stage. I live with nausea from day 1 of my pregnancy. Every morning is a great battle for me. I do know that nausea is common during pregnancy but need to know when I will be alright. Could nausea harm the baby?

A. Hey, justin.. In normal condition, the ‘nausea and vomit’ feeling will be gradually decreasing by the age of 14-16 weeks of pregnancy (so you will feel less of that nausea feeling soon). If it still happens after the 1st trimester, or if the vomit is becoming worse, then a complete work up should be done.

Go see your OB-GYN doctor to make sure either your case is a normal one or you're experiencing the "hyperemesis gravidarum".
Hyperemesis gravidarum means the severe form of ‘morning sickness’ that will affect the balance health level of the pregnant mom. The treatment will firstly concern about the need of rest for the affected mother, and replacing the fluids that had been lost before. Some additional antiemetics and antihistamine, and even corticosteroids can be useful in treating a patient. Close monitoring is important in this case.

Q. How to stop feeling nauseous during my pregnancy? I am pregnant and feel sick all the time. Any remedies to recommend?

A. Very rich and spicy foods can cause nausea so try to stay away from them. Eat smaller meals and more frequently, drink tea and eat toasts which are good against nausea.

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As shown in the perspectives (which have a queasy affinity between graphic style and subject), the entire six-acre new development is to be under a glass canopy around what the developers call a 'spectacular water feature based on a canal theme'.
Reynolds stock, before he began to get queasy about cigarettes), and to drive the number two newspaper in Buffalo out of business.
"I am pretty queasy that Putin is so in favour of Brexit."
Docs making me go queasy WHEN you see Dr Christian on telly, you know at some point you're going to scream: "Too much information!" In his latest venture on W channel on Thursday, Dr Christian: 12 Hours To Cure Your Street, he and Dr Sara Kayat aimed to do as many house calls as possible in 12 hours.
Sunderland painted the away dressing room a sickly yellow at the Stadium Of Light to make visiting teams feel queasy before matches.
But his screenplay for that queasy low-key variation on "It's Alive" was more interesting than Mike Le's routine one here, in which a clumsily established premise develops into little more than a series of familiar "gotcha!" scares.
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She added that she tries to push these things out of her mind as it makes her queasy.
They are the ones looking a bit queasy as the Tories deploy them as a human shield for another obscene smash and grab on benefits and care.
"Queasy voyeurism" - Designer Stephen Bayley on the National Trust's methods of attracting people to its country house properties.
It's all over in about ten painless minutes, though I can't help feeling a little queasy as I watch the blood drying.
THE National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has had to get in a stock of antiseasickness bracelets because its new 4D cinema is making visitors feel queasy.