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adj. quea·sier, quea·siest also quea·zier or quea·ziest
1. Experiencing nausea; nauseated.
2. Easily nauseated.
3. Causing nausea; sickening: the queasy lurch of an airplane during a storm.
a. Causing uneasiness.
b. Uneasy; troubled.
a. Easily troubled.
b. Ill at ease; squeamish: "He is not queasy about depicting mass violence, in some circumstances, as a legitimate instrument of social transformation" (Shaul Bakhash).

quea′si·ly adv.
quea′si·ness n.
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Patient discussion about queasy

Q. Nausea and Migraine Since yesterday I have migraine and feel very nauseous. I tried to take my regular meds but the nausea still won't go. I can't get to my doctor until tomorrow, and the nausea and migraine is making me feel really bad. Is there anything I can do to treat the nausea? What about OTC meds? Do you know any that may be helpfull?

A. What I do when I have nausea is drinking a can of Coke (the regular, not diet or caffeine-free). If that doesn't help, I have some anti-nausea OTC meds I use.

There are also very good prescription meds, but you need to see the doctor for that.

A friend of mine says that what helps him is drinking very hot water (as hot as he can tolerate), so if other things doesn't help you may want to try this…

Q. Could nausea harm the baby? Hi everyone, I am in first trimester end stage. I live with nausea from day 1 of my pregnancy. Every morning is a great battle for me. I do know that nausea is common during pregnancy but need to know when I will be alright. Could nausea harm the baby?

A. Hey, justin.. In normal condition, the ‘nausea and vomit’ feeling will be gradually decreasing by the age of 14-16 weeks of pregnancy (so you will feel less of that nausea feeling soon). If it still happens after the 1st trimester, or if the vomit is becoming worse, then a complete work up should be done.

Go see your OB-GYN doctor to make sure either your case is a normal one or you're experiencing the "hyperemesis gravidarum".
Hyperemesis gravidarum means the severe form of ‘morning sickness’ that will affect the balance health level of the pregnant mom. The treatment will firstly concern about the need of rest for the affected mother, and replacing the fluids that had been lost before. Some additional antiemetics and antihistamine, and even corticosteroids can be useful in treating a patient. Close monitoring is important in this case.

Q. How to stop feeling nauseous during my pregnancy? I am pregnant and feel sick all the time. Any remedies to recommend?

A. Very rich and spicy foods can cause nausea so try to stay away from them. Eat smaller meals and more frequently, drink tea and eat toasts which are good against nausea.

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(61) Here, technical effects were intended to impact upon the audience at subliminal rather than conscious levels, more felt than heard; the vibrations strike queasily, heightening an elusive yet compelling sense of wrongness.
There might have been some broader adventure but all I recall is the time machine itself, how strange it was, and maybe the story actually was as pure as that, as simple as that: the strangeness of the very first time machine, perhaps, and how exactly it felt, how oddly forlorn inside the Quonset hut-like capsule with the window, an actual window, through which time, what passed for time, could be seen to thicken somehow--none of that shimmery, fuzzy, iridescent sort of business, but this terrible unexpected physicality; something queasily, apprehensively approachable by the senses like molasses out the window oozing past.
Helmholtz smiled at Bert queasily. "I think maybe there was some improvement there."
Of course, many Americans remain profoundly ambivalent, queasily holding two opposing ideas at the same time.
But recently, I've found I'm becoming queasily apathetic to a single word.
This is an energetic, even downright rowdy, collection of short pieces that includes strongly programmatic elements (depicting sounds of war, the cries of the wounded, and a queasily dissonant section designed to evoke the sounds of drunken singing), several popular song melodies, and a dedication to Bacchus.
Tsai keeps the camera fixed on the two me n for a little longer, a sentimental move that allows Hsiao-Kang's secret adoration to float queasily before us, while Ah-Jung is sleeping but could wake up at any moment.
A majority of Americans support abortion rights, but rather queasily, and the anti-abortion and pro-choice movements have been stalemated for several years.
Maybe the Israelis had the right idea with the kibbutz, I think queasily. Maybe you need at least 50 people
Steve couldn't stomach breakfast - he was queasily aware that he had a decision to make.
I don't understand anything about sports, so mourning Sinatra gives me a rare opportunity to feel queasily comradely with the guy-guys from whose enthusiasms I usually feel utterly alienated.
The government is being pushed queasily towards it.