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The aim of this study, therefore, is to describe the epidemiology, clinical presentation and outcomes of paediatric pulmonary hydatid disease of children referred to a quaternary hospital in KwaZulu Natal.
The teaching hospital, in the word of the Provost, Professor Rotimi Sanya, is a quaternary hospital because it has facilities in place which are not found in near hospitals.
A tertiary or quaternary hospital is only one component of the healthcare pyramid.
ALI has meanwhile partnered with the Mercado group for the 250-bed QualiMed Quaternary Hospital, or a hospital capable of the highest level of specialized treatment.
It has been suggested that with its developing reputation, NMCH could attract sufficient numbers of privately funded patients to subsidise the treatment of public-sector children requiring care in a quaternary hospital. Further, the national minister of health has made it clear that the hospital is a national resource and therefore will be funded from the national purse.
The child was admitted for cardiac surgery at age 6 months to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, a quaternary hospital in Durban.
(5) Designated tertiary or quaternary hospitals require a higher proportion of beds because of the therapeutic interventions and the complications associated with such care.
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