quaternary ammonium compound

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1. made up of diverse elements or ingredients.
2. a substance made up of two or more materials.
3. in chemistry, a substance made up of two or more elements in union. The elements are united chemically, which means that each of the original elements loses its individual characteristics once it has combined with the other element(s). When elements combine they do so in definite proportions by weight; this is why the union of hydrogen and oxygen always produces water. Sugar, salt, and vinegar are examples of compounds.

Organic compounds are those containing carbon atoms; inorganic compounds are those that do not contain carbon atoms.
clathrate c's inclusion complexes in which molecules of one type are trapped within cavities of another substance, such as within a crystalline lattice structure or large molecule.
quaternary ammonium compound an organic compound containing a quaternary ammonium group, a nitrogen atom carrying a single positive charge bonded to four carbon atoms, e.g., choline.

quaternary ammonium compound

Any of a group of compounds composed of a cation, in which a central nitrogen atom is joined to four organic groups, and any of various anions, used as antiseptics, solvents, and emulsifying agents.
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Comparative efficacy of 3rd generation quaternary ammonium compounds and formaldehyde for fumigation of operation theatres.
So, the quaternary ammonium compounds dimethyl-di(hydrogenated tallow) alkyl ammonium salt shows ease of crosslinking as compared to other primary amine modifier.
diphtheriae is frequent in tropical countries such as Mayotte, this bacterium could be exposed to quaternary ammonium compounds contained in disinfectants, hygienic hand washes, and cosmetic products.
The efficacy of three disinfectants containing either sodium hypochlorite (Chlorox, Chlorox Company, CA), quaternary ammonium compounds (Conflikt[R], Decon Laboratories, PA), or 70% isopropyl alcohol were tested and compared with a sterile water control.
Biocidal ingredients in these products often are quaternary ammonium compounds (such as BZK) and triclosan.
Previous studies have shown that both quaternary ammonium compounds and triclosan can activate effluxpumps in bacteria that transfer plasmids containing resistance genes.
Previous studies have shown that both quaternary ammonium compounds and triclosan can activate efflux pumps in bacteria that transfer plasmids containing resistance genes.
Cationic surfactants may be protonated long-chain amines and long-chain quaternary ammonium compounds.
Attached to the nanoparticles are molecules called quaternary ammonium compounds.
Good disinfection of the feet on a daily basis can control the condition and solutions such as 4% Formalin, copper salts, quaternary ammonium compounds, organic acids and products such as Virkon S (Antec Ltd) can be used and can totally suppress the condition.
One of the biggest issues currently facing the industry is that most high care areas continue to rely on a range of chemicals, including various forms of chlorine (chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, etc), branded forms of quaternary ammonium compounds and even bromine or iodine based products, to maintain an acceptable hygiene regime.