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Bitterwood, the heartwood of Picrasma excelsa (Picraena excelsa), known as Jamaica quassia, or of Quassia amara (family Simaroubaceae), known as Surinam quassia; a bitter tonic; the infusion has been administered by enema in the treatment of threadworms.
[Quassi, a resident of Surinam who used it as a tonic]

Quassia (kwä·sh),

n a genus of the trees that belong to the family
Simaroubaceae, wood of which is used as a fever reducer.
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Picrasma excelsa (bark)--Also referred to as Quassia, this herb is considered a powerful simple bitter, hence its use as a digestive aide.
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Antiulcerogenic activity of four extracts obtained from the bark wood of Quassia amara L.
Sin embargo, en el estudio realizado con extracto de Quassia amara a dosis de 1 000 y 1 500 mg/kg via intraduodenal se observo que la produccion de moco no se incremento en comparacion al control (despues de 4 horas) (15).
Over the years, I have developed one using Quassia, which is a herb that has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of infestations.
Place 1oz (25grams) of Quassia chips in a saucepan and pour one pint of boiling water over them.
Antifertility activity of Quassia amara: quassin inhibits the steroidogenesis in rat Leydig cells in vitro.
I tend to use old-fashioned and gentle herbal treatments like a shampoo based on Quassia and tea tree oil, which has been used successfully for centuries to treat nits.
Concerns about dousing kids with toxic chemicals have spawned a host of alternatives including neem oil, Napiers' Quassia shampoo and an aromatherapy blend from Nitty Gritty.
Duncan Napiers made up a Quassis Shampoo for nits that contains Quassia Bark, Wormwood, Tansy and Pokeroot.