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1. One fourth of a mile; two furlongs.
2. Either side of a horse's hoof.
3. often Quarter A specific district or section, as of a city: the French Quarter.

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Q. What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine? True story: What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine, and a bunch of other narcotics all bagged up individually, and then asked if you wanted the first go at them?

A. First of all, I'd probably go ‘Hey, what do you think you are DOING with all that! And why the hell are you at my house with this load of rubbish?? But then I'd probably calm down a bit, and we'd go round to the police station, just round the corner from my place and hand it in. I have a lot more conscience now than I used to and there is no way I am going to encourage a situation like this!

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* Signet Jewelers Ltd.(NYSE:SIG) is expected to report quarterly earnings at $0.24 per share on revenue of $1.34 billion.
In accordance with the updated dividend policy announced by Lundin Petroleum on 30 January 2019, the Board of Directors has proposed to the 2019 AGM a dividend for 2018 of USD 1.48 per share, corresponding to USD 500 million (rounded off), to be paid in quarterly instalments of USD 0.37 per share, corresponding to USD 125 million (rounded off).
The company also declared a quarterly dividend on the outstanding shares of its 6.00 percent Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series B (the "Series B Preferred Stock").
It declared a quarterly cash dividend on its Floating Rate Series B Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock (CUSIP#: 446150500) of $11.05047183 per share (equivalent to $0.2762618 per depositary receipt share).
Home prices also rose 0.2 per cent in January to March compared to the same period last year, which is the first annual increase in quarterly home prices over the past seven years, the central bank said.
This is the 22nd year in a row that IBM has increased its quarterly cash dividend -- IBM has more than doubled its quarterly dividend per share since 2010.
* Insightful and valuable analysis of the drivers behind the latest quarterly trends and assumptions for full year 2015
The second-best-performing major market was Seattle, with quarterly gains of 1.7 percent and yearly gains of 10.3 percent.
report quarterly financial results before the market opens.
The aWater transporta segment and the aAir transporta segment posted quarterly decreases, by 6.4% and 2.5%, respectively.The total turnover index in the segment of aInformation and communicationa increased by 3.3% on a quarterly basis in Q4, 2014.
was the 4th with 14.4bln AMD or $35.4mln (52.1% annual and 11.5% quarterly growths), Ameriabank was the 5th with 13.4bln AMD or
BEA has been exploring the possibility of producing quarterly GDP by state statistics for several years, building on a separate BEA effort that has developed prototype quarterly GDP by industry statistics.