quantum yield

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quan·tum yield (φ),

the number of molecules transformed (for example, via a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
Synonym(s): quantum efficiency

quan·tum yield

(φ) (kwahn'tŭm yēld)
The number of molecules transformed (e.g., through a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
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Enhanced emission intensity and photoluminescence quantum yields were found for both complexes in solid-state (quantum yields 56% and 75%).
Comparison of photosynthetic rate, stomata conductance, internal carbon dioxide and quantum yield between two varieties of Hibiscus sabdariffa Treatment Photosynthetic Stomata Internal Quantum Rate Conductance C[O.
The excitation-emission matrix discussed above was used to obtain the quantum yield at any excitation wavelength relative to the quantum yield at the reference wavelength of 490 nm.
Effective quantum yield was measured every two minutes by introducing the light guide of Junior PAM into the compartment 1 (Figs.
Arabidopsis genotypes with differing levels of psbS expression differ in Photosystem II quantum yield, xanthophyll cycle pool size, and aboveground growth.
Maximal quantum yield of PSII (Fv/Fm) was reduced with increasing salt concentration in the present study, especially at very high concentrations.
s] (dimensionless) [increment of Effective quantum yield of PSII F]/[F'.
The increase in salt concentration provided the decline in maximum quantum yield ([F.
About 10 flag leaves per genotype were measured and their average is considered, During the experiment traits of chlorophyll content(CCI), maximum primary yield of photochemistry of photo system II (Fv/F0) and maximum quantum yield of photosynthesis II system (Fv/Fm), were measured, after maturity, grain yield were harvested from about three square meters, All agricultural operations carried out uniformly in normal and stress condition.
The fluorescence quantum yield of the investigated molecules are reduced during illumination.
max], light saturation point, dark respiration, light compensation point, and the quantum yield efficiency (initial slope) were determined for each replicate, and means were calculated.

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