quantum requirement

quan·tum re·quire·ment

the number of quanta of light absorbed required for the transformation of one molecule; the inverse of the quantum yield.
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Carolina, who increased their blood quantum requirement from one
Blood quantum requirements dictate the minimum percentage of Indian
Blood quantum requirements were pioneered by the federal government
the continued utility and fairness of blood quantum requirements.
increasing their blood quantum requirements in order to make application
economic and sociopolitical utility, blood quantum requirements are
biologically--defined, blood quantum requirements are overexclusive and,
advocate the adoption of blood quantum requirements in the first place,
blood quantum requirements are exclusionary is self-evident; indeed,
53) Opponents of blood quantum requirements commonly point out that
The blood quantum requirement was approved by the community in a referendum held in 1990.
leading some tribes in recent years to eliminate or reduce their blood quantum requirements.

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