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1. a characteristic, as of energy or mass, susceptible of precise physical measurement.
2. a measurable amount. adj., adj quan´titative.


1. A number or amount.
2. A measurable property of anything.


(kwŏn′tĭ-tē) [L. quantitas, quantity]
Amount; portion.


1. a characteristic, as of energy or mass, susceptible of precise physical measurement.
2. a measurable amount.

Patient discussion about quantity

Q. What is the safe amount of alcohol? I like alcohol, but I don’t want to end up an alcoholic. Or even have the problems that come with it (liver problems etc….)

A. the best method is not too drink at all,and you wont have any problems to worry about.

Q. what are the passable amount of sugar one can have while he also diabetic?

A. I'm not sure I understood your question, but the recommended amount of carbohydrates for diabetic patients is 40-65% of the total calories. Generally, diabetic patients are more prone to elevated blood sugar levels after a meal, so food too rich in simple carbohydrates (sugar) are not recommended.

Q. what is the "right" amount , and the safe amount , of alcohol that i can drink? what do a lot alcoh

A. That is different for everyone. You have to take into account a lot of different things like height, weight, gender. Here is a good site with charts to help you find yours: http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/Health_Services/Health_Education/atod/alc_aayb.htm Hope this helps.

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This type of system combines water quality treatment function with water quantity detention and peak flow control.
Just as a ppm equates marginal revenue (MR) and marginal cost (MC) to determine the optimal quantity of output to produce, and finds the maximum price consumers are willing to pay by noting the price on its demand schedule corresponding to that quantity, a rpm equates marginal revenue product (MRP) and marginal labor cost (MLC) to determine the optimal amount of labor to hire, and finds the lowest wage that workers will accept by noting the wage on its (labor) supply schedule corresponding to that amount.
The law states explicitly that if the quantity exceeds 10 percent of the total number of articles to be produced, the secretary of defense must include in the statement (part of the first selected acquisition report) the reasons for such quantity.
What is being said is simple enough: the reign of quantity and the reduction of the manifest reality to a quantitative plane at the expense of quality is a malady of titanic proportions that has reduced every aspect of modern science to the lowest possible plane of learning.
Although lower than in 1988 (and slowing in the second half), the growth in the quantity of exports by major category was broad-based (table 3).
As with the definition of the measurand, specifying the extended validity conditions involves stating the permitted values of any influence quantity that affects the measurement.
For manufacturing - quantity cast, quantity scrapped, batch or heat number (where required) and manufacturing date.
Because the cylinder collects dust and in other ways slightly changes mass with age--and might be lost or stolen--the stewards of the world's measurement system are eagerly seeking a new standard based on a carbon atom's mass or other fixed quantity of the atomic world (SN: 9/24/94, p.
Dark chocolate - 2060 kg including guaranteed quantity 1030 kg, Optional 1030 kg; 2.