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However, in some audits, the aggregate discretely presented component units may not be qualitatively or quantitatively material to the financial statements of the primary government.
Smell-seeing is an excellent way to quantitatively compare aromas and measure the actual amounts of smell compounds.
The burners successfully predicted the behavior of most mattress designs and now provide the mattress industry with a means to discriminate quantitatively between the fire performance of different mattress designs.
Mackie continues, "If you don't have CTrue technology, you cannot use images to quantitatively assess the progress of treatment and, when necessary, to provide adaptation during the course of radiotherapy.
To begin evaluating this quantitatively, the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 directed the Environmental Protection Agency to undertake special pollutant-exposure assessments for young children.
With this measurement technique, the effect of glass composition, fabrication processes, and irradiation conditions on photosensitivity can be studied quantitatively.
s application for listing remains conditioned upon review and approval by AMEX to insure that the Company qualifies both qualitatively and quantitatively with the requirements and conditions specified by AMEX for listing on the Exchange.
Wilf and Labandeira," she says, "push the fossil evidence farther than ever before by quantitatively testing ecological hypotheses.
Additionally, in contrast to other diagnostic assays that rely on "Yes/No" determinations, the CombiChip uses an IgG concentration calibrator to quantitatively measure the presence of autoantibodies for each single patient's sample.
These "are the first data that quantitatively link helping behavior and prolactin titers in a cooperative breeding species," the authors assert.
The US market is quantitatively discussed with 46 information rich tables giving the reader a strong outline of trends in Money Managers' Investments in Non-US Securities, Institutional Investors Investments in Non-US Securities, Investments in Fixed-Income Domestic Securities, Investments in Fixed-Income Foreign Securities, Investments in Fixed Income Domestic Equities, Investments in Asset-Based Securities, Investments in Corporate Securities and Investments in Fixed Income Foreign Equities, among others.
have demonstrated quantitatively that air plays a central role in this process.