quantitative trait

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quantitative trait

A phenotype that varies in quantity, such as height or number of bristles.


pertaining to observations of a numerical kind, e.g. 50 kg, 2 m, 24 hands.

quantitative characters
features of animal productivity or performance which can be measured quantitatively.
quantitative data
numerical data.
quantitative inheritance
genetic transmission of phenotypes which are quantitative and continuous.
quantitative trait
see quantitative trait.


1. any genetically determined condition; also, the condition prevailing in the heterozygous state of a recessive disorder.
2. a distinctive behavior pattern.

trait A-46
see inherited parakeratosis.
qualitative trait
a characteristic that is expressed only in descriptive terms, e.g. fine bone, deep chest.
quantitative trait
a characteristic that is expressed mathematically, e.g. an annual yield of milk of 15,000 lb.
sex-linked trait
the gene for the trait is located on the chromosomes which determine the sex of the individual.
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