quantitative genetics

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quan·ti·ta·tive ge·net·ics

the formal study of measurable genetic traits, traditionally but not necessarily confined to galtonian genetics.
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quantitative genetics

n. (used with a sing. verb)
The study of the effects that heredity and environment have on traits that can be quantitatively measured, such as size.
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Quantitative genetics of growth and development in Populus.
Thus, these traits are best studied through the quantitative genetic theory that reduces the most important features of complex genetic systems to a few variables that can be estimated from phenotypic measurements (Falconer 1989, Lande 1982).
Quantitative genetics of size and phenology of life-history traits in Chamaecrista fasiculata.
The author provides a history of quantitative genetics and its connections to big data and sequenced genomes.
Many who have taught quantitative genetics courses over the years will look forward to using this book as an excellent software supplement to their courses.
By elegantly blending a quantitative genetics experiment with a simple model they show that we might be able to explain the coexistence of different defensive strategies in the same plants simply because there is not any negative genetic correlation among different defenses (as is so often implied in trade-off arguments).
Kang (quantitative genetics, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center) presents work from a recent conference highlighting the latest research results on economic, ecological, and sociological issues related to agricultural and environmental sustainability.
The first chapter is devoted to a review of the principals of quantitative genetics as well as newer subject matter on developing populations for identification of QTLs for specific phenotypic assays.

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