quantitative alteration

quan·ti·ta·tive al·ter·a·tion

in electric irritability, a gradual loss of contractility in a muscle in response to static, faradic, and galvanic currents successively.
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The magnitude of the stimulating effect for the multiplication of these microorganisms depends on the type of vegetation, and there are also situations without quantitative alteration in relation to the native area, such as the soil under P maximum for AMF and S.
Oncogene amplification is a common quantitative alteration in tumoral DNA; therefore, we chose the increase of c-erbB-2 oncogene copy number as a suitable model for developing a quantitative TaqMan PCR assay.
The third stage requires diagnosing SLEIP using criteria from 2 groups of signs and symptoms: the first group includes seizure, psychosis, cerebrovascular event, lesion of cranial nerves, and quantitative alterations of consciousness; the second group includes cognitive dysfunction, lupus headache, peripheral neuropathy, MRI changes, EEG changes, electroneuromyography changes, and a positive replication protein A or antiphospholipid-positive antibody.
This indicates that there could be cause effect relationship between tobacco and quantitative alterations.12
In this manner the quantitative alterations verified in this work are in accord with those of the latter author and yet in accord with Roby & Soares (1993) who found that placental morphology, position and function can be utilized as a maturation index of the placenta; and Moessinger et al.
1, whereas the main quantitative alterations in the excreted metabolites are reported in Table 1.
The determination of the quantitative alterations in the aortic wall in a NO deficiency situation and the efficiency of the enalapril (ACE inhibitor) and verapamil ([Ca.sup.2+] channel blocker) are the aims of this study.

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