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Plural of quantum.
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(kwont′ŭm) (′ă) plural.quanta [L., quantum, how much; quanta, how many]
1. A definite amount.
2. A minimal or indivisable unit of matter or energy.
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In a letter addressed to UtiliCorp President and Chief Executive Robert Green Jr., Colson said it was not in the best interests of Quanta's stockholders, customers and employees to hand over control of the company to UtiliCorp to satisfy its agenda.
In November, Houston-based Quanta had amended its stockholder rights plan with a provision to defend it from a takeover by UtiliCorp.
Imagine that the machine instructions that comprise a program have been partitioned into small, sequentially executed blocks called quanta. Associated with each quantum is the amount of time that will elapse when the instructions in the quantum are executed, together with the address of the quantum to be executed when this quantum is completed.
Bohr, who was then working in England under the great Ernest Rutherford, seized on the idea of the quantum to solve the difficulty In 1905, to solve some difficulties having to do with the radiation of blackbodies, Max Planck had proposed that energy is radiated in discrete packets called quanta rather than in a continuous stream.