quality time

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'quality' time

Meaningful time Social medicine The time spent in meaningful interaction with persons who are significant in a person's life. Cf Latchkey children.
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Quality time spent with children has become such a casualty in modern-day living that blunt notices, rousing campaigns and enticing events have now become necessary to remind busy mums and dads to pay more attention to their little ones.
Kate - mother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte - said: "Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life, but for those caring for children with life-limiting conditions, even this simple act can prove to be incredibly challenging."
She said: "We were both really excited about a holiday together and thought it would be a perfect way to have some quality time and relax together, but not long after the cruise began we quickly realised it was not going to be the type of break we had planned."
Recognising the importance of my role in my children's lives has made being present and spending quality time with my children my main priority.
It is then not surprising that the absence of quality time is often the reason for the downfall of the strategy.
| Use your walks to spend quality time with friends, family or colleagues away from your email, phone or laptop.
Melody Dads meets once a month at the Jubilee Centre, Paddock, to allow fathers to spend some quality time with their kids.
Summary: Jimmy Shergill, Actor feels that holidaying for him is all about relaxing and chilling out, and spending quality time with the family and South Goa is the perfect place for that.
Entitled Giving Britain a Break, the report said quality time spent on holiday could help families as well as the economy.
Beyond the long weekend break and being able to spend quality time with family, this week's Pulse Populi shows how much more people spend during this blessed time and exactly where the money is going.
Samaya Hotel Deira, a five star property in the commercial and business districts of Deira, will launch an extensive iftar this Ramadan for families and friends who want to spend quality time together.

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