quality time

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'quality' time

Meaningful time Social medicine The time spent in meaningful interaction with persons who are significant in a person's life. Cf Latchkey children.
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The national poll asked 2008 British parents how much quality time they have with their kids.
To my son, quality time meant the night he chose to go through old boxes of toys stored in the attic and look at old family photo albums.
He admits, "I didn't know I had that much value, but I knew I was becoming consumed by my job and I wanted to be able to spend quality time with my family.
This campaign speaks directly to travelers' desire to have more control over their hotel experiences--especially when they are arriving early or staying over to spend quality time with family.
The "University" is a unique educational program in which UW grandparents can spend some quality time with their grandchildren, while teaching them something in the process.
who proposed HR 1119, said the bill would allow families more quality time.
Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich could be spending some quality time behind the state's most famous tree.
The show's Web site says Dennis wants to spend quality time with his son "before he moves on and starts his own life.
It is an amazing feeling to be able to spend quality time with teammates outside the training environment--especially true when you are the new kid and you strive to be accepted by older athletes
Quality time is a phrase heard frequently in these days of nonresident parents and dual-career families.
I know this way of spending time with my child is valuable ever; if I cannot define quality time for somebody else.
An often stated reason was having quality time to share together as a family.

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