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This is further backed up by countries that achieved low ratings for quality of life indicators, such as the US and Israel, which had the highest levels of inequality in the OECD.
The fact that this disease affected the quality of life in 94% of our patients is a matter of grave concern.
Literature on diabetes also suggests that there are other considerable factors playing an imperative role in quality of life of these patients.
Quality of life deals with individual's perception about their position in life with relevance to culture and traditions in which they have lived7.
Health-related quality of life among young adults with ischemic stroke on long-term follow-up.
The other result indicate that there isn't significant relationship between health related quality of life with sport physical activity (p=0.
Data collection: The study data were collected using a questionnaire, the Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale (ESAS), and the Short Form (SF)-36 quality of life scale.
The development of the World Health Organisation quality of life assessment instrument (the WHOQOL).
These aspects are relevant to psychological quality of life (Mandzuk, 2005).
The study, published in the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine, found quitters scored higher on measures of overall quality of life, health-related quality of life and positive emotions, after one year and three years, compared to those who still smoked.
2001) found that the patients suffering from OCD reported lower quality of life which indicates significant functional impairment in this population.

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