quality factor

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qual·i·ty fac·tor (QF),

a factor by which absorbed radiation doses are multiplied to obtain, for radiation protection purposes, a quantity that expresses the approximate biologic effectiveness of the absorbed dose. Compare: RBE, relative biologic effectiveness.

qual·i·ty fac·tor

(kwah'li-tē fak'tŏr)
Used in radiation protection to account for the differences in the biologic effects from various types of radiation.

quality factor

Abbreviation: Q
In radiology, a scale used to account for the biological effects of different radiations. Factors include beta, electron, and gamma x-radiation (Q = 1), thermal neutrons (Q = 5), and alpha neutrons and protons (Q = 20).
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From measurement results can be seen that for [f.sub.0] = 150 kHz, the value of the quality factor is slightly bigger than 0.7.
The comparison of quality factor for catch can class is presented by Figure 15.
We compress the 50 images using different quality factors and embed different amount of secret bits.
Caption: Figure 7: Effect of the quality factor (Q) on the frequency responses of the (a) lower microbeam and (b) upper microbeam for [V.sub.DC] = 10 Volts and [V.sub.AC] = 0.5 Volts.
[1] [2] Technology process CMOS 0.18 [micro]m CMOS 0.18 [micro]m Active component Active capacitor -- Order 2 2 Center frequency (MHz) 5300 23500 BW (MHz) 1700 4000 Pass band gain (dB) 0.77 1.65 Stopband rejection (dB) 36.8 15.2 Power (mW) 2.2 4.2 Quality factor 3 6 Tunability Center freq.
All these studies outline a critical role of food quality evaluation in correlation with other quality factors. Nevertheless, in several international studies (Kim et al., 2009; Sulek & Hensley, 2004; Vanniarajan, 2009), food was identified as the most important quality dimension.
Increasing gds will shunt current away the capacitor, changing the quality factor of [C.sub.ds].
The results show that the new design with four PZT plates has a higher mechanical quality factor, vibrates with larger amplitude, and has comparable performance to the stator with eight PZT plates.
However, in practice the use of low quality factors (high compression ratios) often doesn't lead to appearance of visible artifacts on the compressed image, so such parameters can be essentially used at unauthorized change of DI for the subsequent masking of these changes.
[H.sub.2]: There is a significant relationship between customer trust in municipality employee, as a service quality factor, and customer satisfaction.
The data were content analyzed by the researcher, assisted by an independent "judge" in line with Gremler's (2004) recommendations, with the aim of classifying critical incidents within Johnston's (1995) framework of quality factor categories.
The prices were moving up on quality factor and if demand improved the rates may gain further in times to come.

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