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But the other animals--the squirrels, and quail, and cottontails, were creatures of the Wild who had never yielded allegiance to man.
As he ran past an unremarkable-looking clump of palmetto his snout jerked sideways as if he'd hit the end of a lead rope and he skidded to a quivering point: That particular clump of palmetto was sheltering a covey of quail.
Quail and pheasant hunters are overdue for some good news.
In Jaen, the problem was among quail layers in Barangay Imbunya.
He leases enough land to have about 100 quail and 1,500 chickens.
The long term growth patterns of Japanese quail were monitored during 110 days from day-old to slaughtering, and were analyzed.
Japanese quail, organic acid, performance, economic
Domestic quails, derived from the Japanese quail (Coturnixjaponica), as laying, meat, and laboratoiy animals have produced a flourishing industry in the world (Charati et al.
BOBWHITE QUAIL NUMBERS remain down, but programs to rebuild populations are being aggressively developed.
The idea of raising quail outdoors was exciting because they don't require a lot of space.
The production of quail bird is the latest craze to hit Zimbabwe's poultry sector.