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In ordinary quadrupole mass filters, metastable ions cannot be studied because they are not distinguished from normal ions.
The CIS ionizer sits on top of the quadrupole mass filter and consists of a short, gas-tight tube with two small openings for the entrance of electrons and the exit of ions.
The [DELTA]M can be measured at the half-height of the mass peak or at 10% of the peak height, depending on the inherent shape of the mass peak in the mass analyzer (e.g., quadrupole mass filter vs magnetic /electric sector).
Nevertheless, several groups have reported that the QIT has full-scan detection limits similar to those of a quadrupole mass filter (QMF) operated in the selected-ion monitoring (SIM) mode for drug testing [4,5].
Each instrument in the range features the MAX-HM quadrupole mass filter assembly, a precision-machined 9.5 or 19 mm rod set with improved RF-only pre-and post-filter stages, stabilizing rods and high power RF generators that, in combination, deliver enhanced transmission, resolution and abundance sensitivity characteristics at high masses.
The quadrupole mass filter assembly can also outgas.
- ionization and mass analyzer: Ionization mode: Classical electron impact ionization (ei) with 70 ev and low energy; Independent of ms heated, Proprietary inert low-energy ei source; Independent of ms heated hyperbolic, Gold-coated quadrupole mass filter; Mass range of the quadrupole min.
delivery of a combination of high-pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) with high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer and upstream quadrupole mass filter (q-tof).
The HPLC system with high-resolution time-of and upstream quadrupole mass filter (Q-TOF) should be suitable for the analytical separation and detection of polar organic pollutants in extracts of water and solid samples in trace analysis area.
This unit is equipped with a quadrupole mass filter coupled with a high resolution mass spectrometer.
The quadrupole mass filters do not meet the requirements in connection with the research following the introduction of GC-MS Metabolomics research.
negative mode at atmospheric pressure, two quadrupole mass filters coupled to the collision whole and vacuum