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one of four offspring produced at one birth.
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One of four children born at one birth.
Synonym(s): quadrigeminus
[L. quadruplus, fourfold]
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(kwŏ-drŭp′lĭt, -dro͞o′plĭt, kwŏd′rə-plĭt)
1. One of four offspring born in a single birth.
2. A group or combination of four associated by common properties or behavior.
3. Music A group of four notes having the time value of three notes of the same kind.
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One of four children born at one birth.
[L. quadruplus, fourfold]
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In Table 2 is shown the valence electronic configuration of the lowest-lying quadruplet and doublet states of the radical fragments that differ only in the spin of the unpaired parallel electrons located on the nonmetallic fragment.
As mentioned in the prior section, the introduction of false-positive atomic quadruplet interactions into the analyses is a concern when edge-length cutoffs are not considered after tessellation.
But for the other ligands, the bonding dissociation energies of doublet are higher than those of quadruplet. Even for H2O, H2S, NH3, CNCH3, and NO2- ligands, the bonding dissociation energies of quadruplet are negative, which indicate the quadruplets are not stable.
And it is this, combined with the fact she is expecting quadruplets, which has made her an opinion flashpoint, triggering a colossal global debate.
And upon discovering she was pregnant with quadruplets, doctors advised the 20-year-old to abort two of them to give the other two a better chance of survival.
The three sons and a daughter born to Al Shaima and her businessman husband, Mubarak Al Bushr Abdullah, 36, on Monday are now being hailed as a miracle of sorts, as the odds of conceiving quadruplets without fertility assistance (spontaneous conception) are estimated at one in half a million.
The man became father of the quadruplets when his wife delivered four healthy babies, three boys and a girl, said the medical staff at the hospital.
According to the organisers, 96 percent of the participants are twins, with 53 groups of triplets and nine quadruplets. Mohammed Al Baloushi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omani Business Centre (TASAHEEL) said: "The most recent data shows that a total of 1,475 multiple births are registered from the different Sultanate governorates including Omanis and expats." The first quadruplets to be born in Oman are now 27 years old, and Aysha, Abeer, Alya, and Azzah from wilayat Sur in south Al Sharqiyah governorate are looking forward to being part of the event.
HER character Gemma Winter is currently waddling as she prepares to give birth to quadruplets, but Coronation Street actress Dolly-Rose Campbell picked up quite a pace as she gleefully raced around the ITV float at Manchester Pride.
The pair are expecting quadruplets together in the show, with speculation rife that Gemma will go into labour while taking a ride on the iconic coastal attraction.
At that time in fall 2018, Edward had delivered 1,931 sets of twins, 64 sets of triplets, four sets of quadruplets and one set of quintuplets.