qua·dri·gem·i·nal rhyth·m

a cardiac arrhythmia in which the heartbeats are grouped in fours, each usually composed of one sinus beat followed by three extrasystoles, but a repetitive group of four of any composition is quadrigeminal.
Synonym(s): quadrigeminy


/quad·ri·gem·i·ny/ (-jem´ĭ-ne)
1. occurrence in fours.
2. the occurrence of four beats of the pulse followed by a pause.


A cardiac arrhythmia in which every fourth beat is a premature contraction.
[L. quadrigeminus, fourfold]
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I knew that quadrigeminy was a common and benign tracing, but if I wasn't a physician (or hadn't been trained by a great upper-level resident as an intern), then I might have been too anxious to fall back asleep.
29 yo Ten month Exercise Stage 2: male history of stress test: Pantethine 1000 palpitations, atrial mg/Choline 30 seconds in bigeminy and bitartrate 4000 duration, up to quadrigeminy, mg three times up to 13 daily, worse PACs/min, post-exercise, ectopic atrial worse anxiety, pacemaker, especially test inappropriate anxiety blood pressure response to exercise.
An exercise stress test revealed premature atrial contractions (PACs) in patterns of bigeminy and quadrigeminy,13 PACs per minute, an ectopic atrial pacemaker, and inappropriate blood pressure response to exercise.