qi gong master

qi gong master,

n experienced practitioner of qi gong. See also qi gong, external.
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The 'yoga boom' of the last ten years has opened the eyes of Americans to the idea of mind-body exercise," says Lee Holden, Qi Gong master and the host of this Exercise To Heal television program.
The Humble Beginning of an Immortal" is Qi Gong master Norm Than's 160-page instructional guide to the successful practice of Qi Gong.
Explore the Ancient Science Of Wisdom Energy Healing with Zhineng Qi Gong Master Mingtong Gu
Amid the icy treachery of formidable mountains and the immense oceans of consciousness, a Mongolian Qi Gong Master, Dorgan Khan, unveils the true purpose and power of deep meditation.
A previous faculty member of the World Health Organization's International Acupuncture and Qi Gong Center in Beijing, Sha was recently named Qi Gong Master of the Year at the 5th World Qi Gong Congress in San Francisco.
In several others, Qi Gong masters engage in Luke Skywalker feats such as moving objects and people without touching them.
And since Eisenberg's writing, other skeptics, including the magician James Randi, have subjected various Chinese "psychic" children and Qi Gong masters to rigorous testing in controlled settings--whereupon their paranormal abilities have promptly vanished.