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Fourteen Grade 6 students from the seven classes that participated in the USHER intervention (3) in Year 3 completed the Q-sort activity.
Para la presente investigacion, se empleo el puntaje global del Q-Sort, ademas de los puntajes de cada una de las escalas de Posada et al.
To study how agricultural education interns spent their time during the work day, data were collected for each participant who performed a Q-sort.
Instead, it would be useful for civic education researchers to provide models and examples of how findings from Q-sort and other analyses can inform and be applied to diverse types of classrooms--those that focus more on project-based learning and those that do not.
A Q-sort methodology was used to assess paternal sensitive behaviour during father-child interactions in everyday situations (Pederson & Moran, 1995).
As filmagens realizadas para cada crianca foram codificadas e registradas atraves da versao adaptada da Escala Q-Sort de Competencia Social pelo mesmo avaliador, psicologo, "cego" aos objetivos do estudo e ao diagnostico da crianca com autismo.
After the stories were completed, they were coded using the Attachment Story Completion Task Q-Sort (Miljkovitch et al.
Neste sentido, a competencia social foi avaliada com recurso a utilizacao de tres familias de medida, nomeadamente, (a) descricoes Q-sort (CCQ, [California Child Q-sort], Block & Block, 1980; PQ, [Preschool Q-sort], adaptacao de Bronson de um Q-sort originalmente usado por Baumrind, 1967); (b) medidas de observacao (taxa de classificacao para atencao visual recebida e interaccoes iniciadas) e; (c) entrevista sociometrica (valores de aceitacao para as duas tarefas sociometricas: nomeacoes e comparacao de pares, McCandless & Marshall, 1957).
Combined with the case study research methods, quantitative questionnaires, and Q-sort analytical techniques, we explored a spiritual leader's values differences within an organization (in this case a department store) as well as his point of view regarding managing and reforming an organization.
Before the Q-sort analysis was done, internal consistency was calculated from interitem correlations for each of the four values orientations.
Each Q-sort was completed immediately after a full psycho-social assessment of the child which included parent and teacher ratings, as well as direct observation of the child in the child's home.
The q-sort in character appraisal; encoding subjective impressions of persons quantitatively.