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An instrument for measuring high degrees of heat, beyond the capacity of a mercury or gas thermometer.
[pyro- + G. metron, measure]


(pī-rŏm′ĕ-tĕr) [″ + metron, measure]
A device for measuring a very high temperature.

pyrometer (pīrom´ətur),

n an instrument for measuring temperature by the change of electrical resistance within a thermocouple. It is a millivoltometer calibrated in degrees of temperature.


instrument for measuring the intensity of heat when this is beyond the range of the mercury thermometer.
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Engineered to be rugged, reliable, and consistently accurate with repeatable measurements, Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometers are backed by an unconditional 5 year warranty.
The pyrometer is connected with the CU and this has a connection to the laser system.
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The pyrometer (Impac Infratherm IN 5 AC) records the temperature of the preform ~30mm away from where the stretching of the preform starts.
4 kW carbon infra-red system was installed, featuring a pyrometer to ensure that the moulds are heated to exactly 29[degrees]C.
The pyrometer is aligned in a way that the spot size (measured area) with a diameter of 1.
An inexpensive glass cutter, glass, and a kiln with a pyrometer got my class started.
Infrared pyrometer with laser sighting: This is useful to conduct temperature audits on all steam-heated vessels of a corrugator.
With photonic soldering, the surface temperature of an RF shield is precisely controlled and monitored using a pyrometer, which is linked via computer to a laser that is controlled in a precise pattern to reflow the solder at the base of the RF shield.
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