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An instrument for measuring high degrees of heat, beyond the capacity of a mercury or gas thermometer.
[pyro- + G. metron, measure]


(pī-rŏm′ĕ-tĕr) [″ + metron, measure]
A device for measuring a very high temperature.

pyrometer (pīrom´ətur),

n an instrument for measuring temperature by the change of electrical resistance within a thermocouple. It is a millivoltometer calibrated in degrees of temperature.


instrument for measuring the intensity of heat when this is beyond the range of the mercury thermometer.
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Precision, speed and accuracy for instant temperature checks for countless industrial or laboratory applications is said to be available with the Dyna-Temp pyrometer with calibration test circuit.
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EDL's continuous improvements in standards of design and operation have resulted in the newest addition to the Digital Pocket-Probe Pyrometer line - the Pocket-Probe Extended Range Pyrometer which operates in sub-zero temperatures.
The SPOT pyrometer family provides continuous on-line temperature measurements within the range 50[degrees]C to 1800[degrees]C (122[degrees]F to 3272[degrees]F), ensuring greater accuracy and quality for process industries.
Temperature generally is measured by a pyrometer with a thermocouple that typically sits in the molten metal.
With automatic control, the emitters are regulated automatically according to the pyrometer setting.
Designed for the tire and rubber industry, the pyrometer kit is said to be perfect for those who require fast readings and complete versatility.
The Black Body BBSL from E-Instruments is a portable highly, accurate, rugged, and easy-to-use IR Pyrometer Calibrator system ideal for quick medium temperature calibration.
While performing an inspection of the out and inner combustion liner area, he observed a nut located in the T4B Pyrometer port that goes in the Low Pressure Turbine.