wood vinegar

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wood vin·e·gar

impure acetic acid produced by the destructive distillation of pine tar and wood.
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There were thirteen treatments including control (hand weeding), 100% and 50% application rate of three herbicides: Azimsulfuron+cafenstrole (AC), Mefenacet+pyrazosulfuron-ethyl (MPE) and Betazone+cyhalofop-butyl (BCB) and 6 combination of three types of herbicides at 50% recommended rate (RR) diluted with two types of pyroligneous acids: wood vinegar (WV) and rice vinegar (RV) at 500A- dilutions; laid out in randomized complete block design with four replications.
One of the natural products that have been rapidly gaining attention is the by-product of charcoal production, pyroligneous acids, brown transparent liquid produced by condensation of smoke from process of producing charcoal.
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