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Relating to or produced by the dry distillation of wood.
[pyro- + L. lignum, wood]
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The improvement of plant growth in treatments with RV and WV could be due to additional nutrients and organic substances present in pyroligneous vinegar are beneficial for plants.
Several studies have shown the positive effects of pyroligneous acid on plant growth and such benefits retained when combined with herbicides (Jianming, 2003; Pangnakorn et al., 2009; Altland and Locke, 2013; Masum et al., 2013).
Table 6: Effects of different mixtures of herbicides and pyroligneous acids on grain quality1
Table 7: Soil chemical properties of paddy soil as affected by herbicide + pyroligneous mixture application1
The number of pupae did not differ between the guava fruits treated with distilled water (control), lime sulfur solution, and pyroligneous extract (H = 3.311 ; df = 2; P = 0.191).
fraterculus responded selectively to pyroligneous extract and lime sulfur solution in the electroantennographic bioassays, the results of the oviposition test showed that these substances did not prevent egg laying and the subsequent development and emergence o A.
Santos and Wansen (2006), however, noted that pyroligneous extract was ineffective at controlling A.
Root formation was observed on vine cuttings from TDr 335 and TDr 93-49 treated with IBA, coconut water and pyroligneous acid and control treatments three weeks after planting (WAP).
Rooting activity and growth of rice seedling was promoted by the soil treatment with pyroligneous acid prior to transplanting [11].