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A constituent of the catecholamines, epinephrine and norepinephrine, and dopa; used externally as an antiseptic.
Synonym(s): catechol (1) , pyrocatechin
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An equivalent of 36 [micro]g of pyrocatechol was obtained in 1 mg/mL of aqueous infusion extract.
Evidence of the potential health risks associated with the majority of these confirmed compounds is lacking except for 2,4-DNP and pyrocatechol. Due to its harmful effect (cataract formation), the U.S.
Structure activity relationship of phenolic compounds (phenole, pyrocatechol and hydroquinone) on natural lymphocytotoxicity of cartpCyprinuscarpio.
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Then Al in the samples was determined by pyrocatechol violet (PCV) method using a spectrometer [14].
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graecum tubers and leaves were determined as pyrocatechol equivalents.
However, Kozlov (1964) used pyrocatechol instead of pyrogallol for peroxidase assay.
Such chemicals include hydroxychavicol, chavibetol, piperbetol, arecoline, carvacrol, caryophyllene, piperitol, eugenol, isoeugenol, allyl pyrocatechol, chavicol, safrole, anethole, betasitosterol, beta-sitosteryl palmitate, dotriacontanoic acid, tritriacontane, piperine, piperlonguminine, chavibetol acetate, estragole, piperols A and B, and pyrocatechol diacetate (Zeng et al., 1997; Parmar et al., 1998; Ramji et al., 2002; Samy et al., 2005; Chang et al., 2007).
Pyrocatechol (plant pigment), which occurs in the epidermis and the head of beets (in amounts of about 0.02%), leads to a yellow-greenish discoloration of sugar juices.
Table 1: PPD Makes Many Hair Shades Possible Compound Brown Red Blonde Blue-Grays p-aminophenol x x x o-aminophenol x x x 2-nitro-ppd x x 4-nitro-ppd x x x m-phenyldiamine x x x pyrocatechol x x resorcinol x x x p-tolylenediamine x x x pyrogallol x x x x
1991), which was determined by a short-term colourimetric assay using pyrocatechol violet (Kerven et al.