iron pyrites

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i·ron py·ri·'tes

native sulfide of iron.
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To complete this project, sulfur isotope analysis of pyrite, As and other trace element analyses of black shale, pyrite, and bitumen, and Rock-Eval analyses of black shale were performed.
When they realise it was Phil Hogan who was behind the Government's Pyrite Remediation Scheme they will readily understand why it is a complete and utter failure.
This costs up to [euro]600 and all funds are repaid by the Pyrite Resolution Board.
We're not sure if it was one crystal in particular, but with specimens like the pyrite shown above, it is easy to see how the ROM's exterior took shape
Pyrite is an iron-sulfur mineral (also known as fools' gold), which forms when microbes in seafloor sediments use the sulfur dissolved in seawater to digest organic matter.
Konhauser says the key to the process is oxygen in Earth's atmosphere that allowed bacterial oxidation of pyrite.
Pyrite is an iron sulphide that is produced in large quantities by hydrothermal vents in the deep sea.
3+] can remain soluble and can react as the oxidant with pyrite to produce further acid:
Adjacently exposed Bijoygarh Shale in the Kaimur Range contains pyrite with 0.
The southernmost float, weighing 10 tonnes, consists of massive sulphides, predominately pyrite, while the northern float contains massive sulphides consisting of pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite and galena.