iron pyrites

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i·ron py·ri·'tes

native sulfide of iron.
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5 meters of iron oxide breccia with silicified clasts and continued in a hydrothermal breccia with pyrite down to 40.
In testing various theoretical models of the sulfur cycle against the Macrostrat data, the team realized that the production and burial of pyrite has been much more significant than previously thought, accounting for more than 80% of all sulfur removed from the ocean (rather than the 30-40% in prior estimates).
The same bacterial life forms are alive and well today, living off pyrite and settling in the highly acidic waste waters of mining sites the world over.
disseminated pyrite with 1-3% sphalerite, 1% galena and rare chalcopyrite.
Our two agencies will continue to work together in this effort as we analyze and study all options for the disposal of the pyrite from the Interstate 99 project.
2+] and H+ can then end up back in reaction 2, and reactions 2 and 3 can then drive the rate of pyrite oxidation, as long as there is a continuing supply of dissolved oxygen in reaction 2.
Pyrite or arsenopyrite is absent or very rare in aquifer sediments from the Bengal Basin (Acharyya et al.
Pyrite and related minerals such as marcasite consist of iron and sulphur (mostly Fe[S.
resident knew Pyrite wasn't going to make it to today's finals.
When exposed to atmosphere and water, pyrite reacts with oxygen to form sulfuric acid, which, in turn, liberates iron ions.
Gold on the Lone Star property is present as coarse free gold, with pyrite in disseminations, and locally is associated with narrow discordant quartz veins.
THE disclosure that just five of 630 homes affected by pyrite have been fixed will shock but not surprise the public.