pyridoxine deficiency

pyridoxine deficiency (pir´idok´sēn),

n a lack of a required level of pyridoxine, which causes irritability and may lead to convulsions and peripheral neuritis.
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In the early years, the pyridoxine deficiency in ducks was observed by Hegsted and Rao (1945) and the pyridoxine recommendation of NRC (1994) for White Pekin ducks was 2.
In their study, severe acute pyridoxine deficiency in young ducklings was also characterized by severe anemia while chronic pyridoxine deficiency in older ducklings produced paralysis, convulsions, severe microcytic anemia, and poor feather development.
1%, pyridoxine deficiency (detected on clinical response) 1.
Pyridoxine deficiency may cause a dull, waxy, unkempt coat with fine scales and patchy alopecia but has been reproduced only in experimental studies.
For instance, pyridoxine can be given for spasms secondary to pyridoxine deficiency, (2) vigabatrin can be given for patients with infantile spasms and tuberous sclerosis, (3) and focal surgical resection can be done for focal cortical pathologies causing infantile spasms.
The 16-wk feeding trial showed that pyridoxine deficiency resulted in poor growth and anorexia of abalone, H.
Histopathology associated with pyridoxine deficiency in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).
In the chicken, reproductive function is impaired by pyridoxine deficiency.
Reduction of glutamic pyruvic transaminase in pyridoxine deficiency in liver disease.
3) showed that correction of plasma pyridoxine deficiency did not abolish the high AST/ALT ratio in alcoholic hepatitis.
Not all patients with hyperoxaluria have a pyridoxine deficiency, but 200 mg to 400 mg of pyridoxine a day is sometimes highly effective, irrespective of the type of hyperoxaluria.
It's unlikely that pyridoxine deficiency is the primary cause of carpal tunnel syndrome, but evidence suggests that it should not be dismissed as a factor in the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder, Farid said.