pyridoxal kinase

pyr·i·dox·al ki·nase

an enzyme that catalyzes the phosphorylation by ATP of pyridoxal to produce pyridoxal 5-phosphate and ADP, thus converting the nutrient to the active coenzyme.
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Apart from this zinc also stimulates the activity of pyridoxal kinase, which is involved in the synthesis of pyridoxal phosphate from pyridoxal.
SOS4 a Pyridoxal kinase gene, is require for root hair development in Arabidopsis.
The pyridoxal kinase gene TaPdxK from wheat complements vitamin B6 synthesis-defective Escherichia coli.
Expression analysis of a novel pyridoxal kinase messenger RNA splice variant, PKL, in oil rape suffering abiotic stress and phytohormones.
Among other findings, the research group detected increased activity of the pyridoxal kinase gene.
In doing so, they discovered a gene variant which increases the risk for Parkinson's disease and which may lead to a modified quantity or activity of the enzyme pyridoxal kinase (PDXK) in the brain.
PLP is available for other cells only after being hydrolyzed to PL by alkaline phosphatase, but most cells have pyridoxal kinase activity and are therefore able to rephosphorylate PL to PLP (4,5).
Studies on the metabolism of vitamin B6 in the small intestine: Part III--purification and properties of monkey intestinal pyridoxal kinase.