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Synthetic pyrethrin derivatives that are used as insecticides; as a class these agents are less toxic to mammals than other effective insecticides.
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I recommended to the farmer the use of labdacyhalothrin or deltamethrin, which belong to the pyrethroid family.
The new combination nets used in the study contain a pyrethroid insecticide which repels and kills the mosquitoes as well as an insect growth regulator, pyriproxyfen, which shortens the lives of mosquitoes and reduces their ability to reproduce.
Pyrethroids are chiral insecticides which, through chromatographic techniques, can have their stereochemical forms (diastereomers and enantiomers) separated.
DDT/E and pyrethroids have been associated with length of gestation and birth (Eskenazi et al.
According to ( experts , the bug-spray's active ingredients are pyrethroids, which if exposed to in high concentrations could induce respiratory distress, and neuroexcitations, which might lead to sweating, muscle spasms or seizure, and also the risk of a coma-state. 
Mixture of agrochemical solution constituted two organophosphate compounds, one pyrethroid, one nitrobenzene compound and one biospray.
used dispersive solid phase extraction with polyaniline-coated magnetic particles to determine 5 pyrethroids in tea drinks [12].
Lymphocyte DNA damage in rats exposed to pyrethroids: Effect of supplementation with Vitamins E and C.
Following this move, the only termiticides offered for use as soil barrier treatments were either chlorpyrifos (belonging to the organophosphate class) or several pyrethroids. However, because of the poor residual action of chlorpyrifos, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cancelled its use as a soil termiticide (EPA, 2000).
Twelve insecticide products (containing pyrethroids, organochlorines, organophosphates, or carbamates) are available for vector control.