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a pointed or cone-shaped structure or part.
pyramid of cerebellum pyramid of vermis.
pyramid of light a triangular reflection seen upon the tympanic membrane.
malpighian p's renal pyramids.
p's of the medulla oblongata either of two rounded masses, one on either side of the median fissure of the medulla oblongata.
renal p's the conical masses constituting the medulla of the kidney, the base toward the cortex and culminating at the summit in the renal papilla.
pyramid of thyroid an occasional third lobe of the thyroid gland, extending upward from the isthmus.
pyramid of tympanum the hollow elevation in the inner wall of the middle ear that contains the stapedius muscle.
pyramid of vermis the part of the vermis cerebelli between the tuber vermis and the uvula.
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1. A term applied to various anatomic structures of a more or less pyramidal shape. Synonym(s): pyramis [TA]
2. A term denoting the petrous portion of the temporal bone.
[G. pyramis (pyramid-), a pyramid]
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A term applied to a number of anatomic structures having a more or less pyramidal shape.
Synonym(s): pyramis [TA] .
[G. pyramis (pyramid-), a pyramid]
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