pyramidalis muscle

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py·ra·mi·da·lis mus·cle

(pir'ă-mi-dā'lis mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, crest of pubis; insertion, lower portion of linea alba; action, makes linea alba tense; nerve supply, subcostal.
Synonym(s): musculus pyramidalis [TA] , pyramidal muscle.
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This movement is due to contraction of the pyramidal muscle, located in the retrobulbar space, which originates from the posterior region of the sclera, surrounding the optic nerve (WILLIS & WILKIE, 1999; KERN & COLITZ, 2013), and the square muscle, also located in the posterior region (KERN & COLITZ, 2013).
The sesamoid bone of the sclera, whose function is to redirect the path of the tendon of the third eyelid pyramidal muscle, was described for the first time by MAHECHA & OLIVEIRA (1999) in Strigiformes, showing different dimensions and shapes in the different species studied.
This configuration of muscle segments was reminiscent of a shallow quadrilateral pyramid with the tip pointed toward the posterior end of the larva (see diagrammatic representations of these pyramidal muscles in Fig.