pyramid of light

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a pointed or cone-shaped structure or part.
pyramid of cerebellum pyramid of vermis.
pyramid of light a triangular reflection seen upon the tympanic membrane.
malpighian p's renal pyramids.
p's of the medulla oblongata either of two rounded masses, one on either side of the median fissure of the medulla oblongata.
renal p's the conical masses constituting the medulla of the kidney, the base toward the cortex and culminating at the summit in the renal papilla.
pyramid of thyroid an occasional third lobe of the thyroid gland, extending upward from the isthmus.
pyramid of tympanum the hollow elevation in the inner wall of the middle ear that contains the stapedius muscle.
pyramid of vermis the part of the vermis cerebelli between the tuber vermis and the uvula.
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light re·flex

1. Synonym(s): pupillary reflex
2. a red glow reflected from the fundus of the eye when a light is cast on the retina, as in retinoscopy; Synonym(s): eye reflex, fundus reflex
3. a triangular area at the anterior inferior part of the tympanic membrane, extending from the umbo to the periphery, where there is seen a reflection of light. Synonym(s): cone of light, Politzer luminous cone, pyramid of light, red reflex, Wilde triangle
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red re·flex

(red rē'fleks)
Term describing reflection of light from retina in healthy eyes; abnormality in ocular media, refractive state, or retina can cause this reflex to be abnormal.
Synonym(s): cone of light, light reflex (3) , pyramid of light.
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Adam, Austrian otologist, 1835-1920.
Politzer bag - a pear-shaped rubber bag used for forcing air through the eustachian tube by the Politzer method.
Politzer ear perforator
Politzer knife
Politzer luminous cone - a triangular area at the anterior inferior part of the tympanic membrane. Synonym(s): pyramid of light
Politzer method - inflation of the eustachian tube and tympanum by forcing air into the nasal cavity at the instant the patient swallows. Synonym(s): politzerization
Politzer operation
Politzer otoscope
Politzer speculum
Politzer test - a test for deafness in one ear.
politzerization - Synonym(s): Politzer method


Sir William R.W., Irish oculist and otologist, 1815-1876.
Wilde cords - transverse markings on the corpus callosum.
Wilde triangle - area at the anterior inferior part of the tympanic membrane. Synonym(s): pyramid of light
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