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A simple prosthesis, usually without joints, for a lower limb amputation.
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Designed at PZL Mielec as a lighter weight, lower cost alternative to currently fielded dual-station external wings, a single-station pylon attached to one or both sides of the aircraft will be compatible with the advanced weapon system that allows Black Hawk pilot gunners to support battlefield operations using forward firing guns, rockets and air-to-ground missiles.
The examiner wants to see the applicant make "corrections so that the line-of-sight reference line remains on the pylon" and maintain the pylon's sight picture at the appropriate pivotal altitude, while avoiding slips and skids.
Mr Baldock said each pylon would be taken to pieces in sections, cut with acetylene cylinders and specialist equipment: "It could take two to three days to change each tower, but we'll stagger it all.
A week or so later, the cranes on the south pylon will start to be taken down.
Peter Pearson, of Stirling Before Pylons, said: "The pylons were built with the condition some were painted.
The man climbed up the pylon and was attempting to touch the live wires, forcing Northern Powergrid to shut off the power - leaving tens of thousands of North Tyneside houses without electricity.
Northumbria Police were called at 8.43pm on Wednesday and were told there was a man climbing the electricity pylon. A police car blocked off the field where the pylon stands, and a cordon was put in place to keep the public from entering.
WORRIED parents of autistic children say plans to pockmark the countryside with pylons will have serious effects on those with the mental condition.
A YOUNG dad has told of his battle to stop rural Ireland from being ruined by hundreds of pylons and wind turbines.
The National Grid worker from Coventry joined seven of her colleagues as they scaled a training pylon taller than Nelson's column.
Why is it only now that the developers are pussy-footing around suggesting smaller pylons "25% shorter" than the traditional lattice ones, papering the cracks of their dreadful plans?
The pylon structure is made up of a monopole with T-shaped cross arms that hold the wires in a diamond shape.