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pertaining to the buttocks; called also natal and pygal.
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Relating to the buttocks.
[G. pygē, buttocks]
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The posterior margin of the fifth vertebral is located very close to the suture between the second suprapygal and the pygal, and it can be partially coincident with this suture (Fig.
The pattern of gopher tortoise shell disarticulation is similar to that of emydids, except that the pygal and suprapygal bones usually disarticulate even faster than the neurals.
In search of sport, Seaton Sluice headed for Port Carlisle where there are plenty of flounder, Steve Davis taking 23 for 704cm, Martyn Pygal 19 for 597cm, and Tony Stanford 17 for 547cm as well as the longest, a specimen of 47cm.
Second was Marty Pygal with 19 fish for 597cm and third was Tony Stanford with 17 fish for 547cm.
25 fished, 11w.i: 1st David Greatrex 1cod 1plk 6lb 5.3oz /f plk 5lb 4.2oz 2nd (Bondicarrs) 2nd A Sinclair (2) 4lb 12.9oz (West End Rocks) 3rd Ross Lansbury (4) 4lb 7.8ozs (Beacons) Whitley Bay AS 10f 5w.i.: 1st Chris Stringer 1lsd 4cod 8lb 9oz (Whitley) 2nd Paul Brown 4cod 7lb 14oz (Collywell) 3rd Don Nicholson 1lsd 3cd 7lb 5oz h/f 3lb 1oz (Cullercoats) 4th Kev Burton 2cod 2lb 9oz (Pipe skeers) 5th David Airey 2cod 2lb 3oz (Seaton Sluice) East End S.A.C 11f 6w.i.: 1st Nicky Robson (3) 2lb 10oz (Tyne) 2nd Mick Renwick h/f 2lb 10oz (Tynemouth) 3rd Les Henzell (2) 1lb 1oz Tyne Seaton Sluice AC 6f 5w.i.: 1st Marty Pygal (4) 8-05 h/f 3-00 2nd Gary Hays (1) 2-13 3rd Mal McIntyre (2) 2-01 4th Andy Stanford (1) 1-09 5th Brian Clennal (1) 1-05
First was Marty Pygal with 21lb 9oz, second Simon Todd with 19lb 8oz, third Micky Bell with 19lb 6oz and fourth was Davey Cruddas with 18lb 13oz.
Martyn Pygal took 23 good flatfish for 746cm, an average of 33cm, Micky Bell taking 20 for 565cm, and Chris Guthrie 16 for 538cm, including the longest, a very nice flounder of 41cm.
Winner was Tony Stanford with 15 fish for 7lb 9oz, second was Barry Tweddle with eight fish for 4lb 7oz, third was Marty Pygal with 11 fish for 4lb 5oz and fourth was Nigel Gemmel with seven fish for 3lb 3oz.