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Relating to or suffering from pyemia.
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Relating to or suffering from pyemia.
Synonym(s): pyaemic.
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(pī-ē′mē-ă) [″ + haima, blood]
A form of septicemia due to the presence of pus-forming organisms in the blood, manifested by formation of multiple abscesses of a metastatic nature.


The disease is characterized by intermittent high temperature with recurrent chills; metastatic processes in various parts of the body, esp. in lungs; septic pneumonia; empyema. It may be fatal.


Antibiotics are effective. Prophylactic treatment consists in prevention of suppuration.

arterial pyemia

Pyemia resulting from dissemination of emboli from a thrombus in cardiac vessels.

cryptogenic pyemia

Pyemia of an origin that is hidden in the deeper tissues.

metastatic pyemia

Multiple abscesses resulting from infected pyemic thrombi.

portal pyemia

Suppurative inflammation of the portal vein.
pyemic (-ē′mĭk), adjective
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