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Palmer, "Retrograde proximal rigid ureteroscopy and pyeloscopy in prepubertal children: safe and effective," Journal of Urology, vol.
Macroscopic inspection did not suggest involved margins, and completion ureteroscopy and pyeloscopy did not demonstrate any further suspicious lesions.
Diagnostic possibilities for the evaluation of the upper renal tract tumours (pelvis and ureter) include contrast-enhanced (CE) computed tomography (CT), semirigid (traditional) or flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) or virtual pyeloscopy (VP).
Control examination by cystoscopy, ultrasonography, urine sediment and urine cytology following the operation every 3 months did not reveal signs of recurrence (a full-length video of VP before the operation can be watched: under "Virtual pyeloscopy").
5.: Virtual pyeloscopy 3D computed tomography image of the small lesion in the pyelo-ureteral junction (arrow) (view of the pelvis) [Figure omitted]