Pertaining to the lymphatics of the renal pelvis.
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The effect of urinary obstruction on renal function depends on numerous factors, such as the duration (acute or chronic), side (unilateral or bilateral) and degree (partial or complete) of dilatation, contralateral kidney function, age, compliance of ureter and renal pelvis, pyelolymphatic backflow, presence of accompanying urinary tract infection and use of nephrotoxic agents and medications (29).
There are many opinions about the physiopathology of urinoma, most of which are chronic ureteral obstruction resulting in pyelosinus back-flow, renal sinus extravasation with pyelolymphatic and pyelovenous back-flow by 35-40 cm [H.sub.2]O and/or more increase in intrapelvic pressure, and therefore the resultant perirenal extravasation (14).