Relating to the renal pelvis and calices.
Synonym(s): pyelocalyceal
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Defects of the urinary tract, including pyelocaliceal system defects, horseshoe kidney and other anomalies of kidney location are observed in 30-40% of TS patients (24,25).
Funai, "A case of transitional cell carcinoma in a pyelocaliceal diverticulum," Hinyokika Kiyo.
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The CRS method provides not only the monitoring of the concentration levels in the parenchyma, but also early detection of relative stagnation in the parenchyma, its edema, urine stasis in the departments of the pyelocaliceal system (PCS), and lower urinary tract, that is, at all functional structural levels.
Her chest roentgenography and electrocardiogram had no significant changes and the renal ultrasound found pathologic alterations in the right kidney with slight pyelocaliceal dilation and perirenal fluid.
(9) In a Taiwanese study by Lee et al, LVI represented a significant prognosticator for both CSS and MFS in multivariate analysis only in patients with ureteral tumours, but not in those with pyelocaliceal tumours.
Duplex system is explained as the kidney with two pyelocaliceal systems, which may have either single or bifid ureter (partial duplication) or double ureterdraining separately into the urinary bladder (complete duplication), with a single renal parenchyma that is drained by two pyelocaliceal systems4.
Diuretic effect is indicated in case of small peripheral edema, hypertension, after endoscopic interventions, and lithokinetic therapy of small stones of pyelocaliceal system and ureters [16].
This results in a defective propagation of the electrical activity produced by a pacemaker located in the pyelocaliceal region.
The stones were located only in pyelocaliceal system (PCS) in 765 (74.5%) patients, and in the ureter and PCS in 262 (25.5%) of which only in the ureter in 202 (19.7%).
A hydrophilic guidewire was placed from the nephrostomy tract into the right pyelocaliceal system and the tract was dilated up to 14 Fr via the Retrace ureteral access sheath 12/14.