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acute suppurative arthritis.

sup·pu·ra·tive ar·thri·tis

acute inflammation of synovial membranes, with purulent effusion into a joint, due to bacterial infection; the usual route of infection is hemic to the synovial tissue, causing destruction of the articular cartilage; may become chronic, with sinus formation, osteomyelitis, deformity, and disability.


Suppurative pus within a joint cavity.
[G. pyon, pus, + arthron, joint, + -osis]


Severe joint inflammation with pus in the joint fluid.
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Joint fluid glucose was normal, and his cell count was 3,800 WBC/[micro]L, less than you'd expect with pyarthrosis. Culture of knee joint fluid was negative.
In that study, rabbit knees were injected with a turpentine solution to induce pyarthrosis. Ligamentous tensile strength was then evaluated in vitro in a controlled fashion and found to be significantly weakened.