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A G protein involved in olfaction, a neural activity that is similar to vision, as it requires conversion of external signals to electrical signals recognisable by the brain
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When standing over a short putt, stay relaxed with a nice light grip pressure.
"It was fun watching all those putts drop," Leslie Quinney said.
Never, ever, ever in my career have I misjudged so many putts.
Most will not know, so keep a count of how many putts you take each round.
"I missed three pretty makeable putts," Woods said.
4 Hit from one side of the green to the other to practice long putts. Making a 70-footer is something we're very unlikely to do, it doesn't make sense to aim at the cup.
The US Tour's 'Shot Link' system measured Harrington's winning eagle putt at the Barclays Classic on Sunday night as 65 feet, seven inches.
The golfer known as "Goose", left with a putt of barely two feet to become United States Open champion and more than 675,000 US dollars richer, made a complete pig's ear of it.
Each subject had four performance measures: total number of putts, number of one-putts, number of two-putts, and number of three-or-more putts.
Starting from three feet, try to make 10 consecutive putts from the same point.