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A G protein involved in olfaction, a neural activity that is similar to vision, as it requires conversion of external signals to electrical signals recognisable by the brain
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THAT SINKING FEELING Rose is ready to hit the practice green to make sure his putts start to go in
One-hundred and forty total putts from both collegiate golf tournaments were directly observed and recorded.
But the mystery remains: Did Palmer get unlucky, because the putt on 16 would have dropped if the flagstick hadn't been there?
Here are a few pointers and practice drills to help you feel more at ease over a short putt and hole out more often:
Today, the course managers are offering a free ice-cream cone to anyone who can putt the ball up and over the slope with just one stroke.
17 (428 yards, par four): Greg Norman missed an 18-inch putt here for the only bogey in his winning round, but it is tee to green where most problems come.
Downhill left to right is a tough putt, but I felt good with the putter today and felt like I could knock it in," said the winner of the clinching putt.
If we miss quite a few greens, we should be pitching closer and therefore be good at our medium to short putts.
4 Hit from one side of the green to the other to practice long putts.
There are many factors to becoming a good putter, from being able to read greens to controlling speed and holing putts when it matters.
Results showed that scores on the SSCI were correlated with total number of putts (r = -.
In a putting performance the champion called "magical," she had 10 one-putt greens Sunday (24 putts overall) en route to a record final round 65, 6-under-par.