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Vittorio, Italian surgeon, 1880-1940. See: Putti-Platt operation, Putti-Platt procedure.
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2) by Jacques Stella, and here, unassailed, the winged putto is busily sharpening the arrows of love.
She still said nothing, so I felt obliged to go on: "The grapes being gathered by Putto and Silenus in Carraci's panels are, I admit, more attractive, but perhaps that is only in comparison with Putto and Silenus, who are, respectively, a plump, evil-looking, naked child and a fat old man, also naked.
With respect to the artwork presented in this article: while the rather dowdy putto frieze in Amsterdam Centraal station tried to depict the concept of Leisure Travel by allegorising the action of travelling in a narrative sort of comic-strip, the Frankfurt typology of travellers attempted the same through personifications of different forms of journeys, acknowledging at the same time that the Grand Tour had lost its archetypical status.
From manufacturing to mergers and acquisitions and from engineering to property it was intriguing to see what type of stories hit the business pages and which ones tend to be putto one side for a rainy day.
Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security' has a focus on the securityaspects of the two operating systems, with authors Yanek Korff, Paco Hope and Bruce Potter going into detail about the security tools offered by BSD systems that can be putto use by administrators.
One of the key questions US interrogators will putto Saddam will beover what control if any he had over the wave of resistance violence.
As Fritz Saxl noticed in his lifelong study of Titian, the artist borrowed, here as elsewhere, from figures on Roman sarcophagi, altars and friezes: the bearer and the server of the wine-tub, the dancing Maenad and the tipsy piddling putto.
Given what we know of Pontormo's interest in probing the limits of the relation between reality and ideality, Supervielle's text could not have a better emblem than Pontormo's drawing of this nude youth, which would later be transformed into a putto in the definitive version of the fresco.
The scene is framed by a decoration with a putto in the upper left corner, blowing a long straight trumpet with two bosses and a wide bell (not a horn, as indicated in the catalogue).
Chianti Classico in 1924 was followed by Chianti Putto in 1927.
Atop one panel with a map of the Holy Land, a putto sips from a honeycomb.
The section also includes an impressive pair of giltwood figural torcheres in the 17th-century Italian baroque style, each with a glass globe supported by a putto entwined in the tail of a dolphin (estimate pounds 1,200 to pounds 1,800).