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Other things designed to make you realise you're home: the usual heroin-zombies and rupture-faced alcochronics (didn't see any on Tenerife) putting the fear of God into tourists on the LUAS, the beggars (saw one homeless one in the Tenerife capital) stuck to the smart phone, the clampers (you park for free or half-nothing over there because it makes you shop more) the soon-to-be-expensive water-supply that doesn't work and so on.
And the highlights have included the murders of Carl and Alex, Chas's trial, more recently Debbie trying to put Chas out of business with her illegal booze racket and, just last week, putting the fear of God into Cameron's sons.
Tax laws should stop putting the fear of God into ordinary people and target the super-wealthy who slip through the net.

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