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The company plans to offer put rights up to a total potential repurchase level of USD40m or 6,956,521 put rights.
He said: "It's quite clear in retrospect now that a mistake was made and that mistake should be put right."
The only occasion there has been previous contact was over a gig I did in Germany with my trio, and again, the venue advertised ELO against our instruction, and this was put right immediately.
Two incidents in Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon Taf cost pounds 655 to put right.
The group wants the situation put right before tomorrow's big event, which also includes a mass sponsored duck race down Saltburn Beck.
has vowed Manchester United will put right the mistakes that are threatening to wreck their season.
But there is no other side Buddies striker Craig Dargo would rather face as they aim to put right the many wrongs in the Parkhead humiliation.
"He was out of shape and that can take a while to put right.
"But for buyers, problems of getting defects put right tend to be worst with middling builders producing 500-1,000 homes a year.
In his speech, Geldorf put right an omission from this list by referring to corruption, which bleeds the poor of vital investment and resources.
We have a stupid attitude in this country as to the upkeep of public buildings: Don't budget for any money to be spent in their upkeep, after many years of neglect, things get to crisis point, and then the building is claimed to be too far gone to be put right. But I have inside information that the building repair estimates are ridiculously over the top: e.g pounds 1/3 million just to put right one chimneystack!
TUI has promised to do "whatever it takes" to meet planning regulations and put right infringements of permitted development rights, according to the Coventry Evening Telegraph.